Cargo Sales Network
General Sales Agent

General Sales Agent in Chicago and the Midwest.


We are a general sales office specializing in air cargo.  Our focus and primary customer base are the air freight forwarders in Chicago and the Midwest area.  Our office is located adjacent to O’Hare International Airport.  We currently service Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. 

We have an extensive back ground in air cargo sales and operations with airlines and road feeder truck companies.  Currently we represent cargo airlines that serve much of the globe.  The road feeder truck companies that we represent service the Midwest and Canada.

We focus on the air freight forwarder community with regular on site visits and participate in industry functions and organizations.  Priority is given to participation in the related trade shows and functions in the market we serve.

We are very involved in the air freight community and related organizations in Chicago.  In addition we participate in other related organizations at other Midwest locations.

Complete customer service is performed at our facility.  We answer customer inquiries and coordinate all air freight reservations with airport operations.  We invoice customers directly or assist in revenue collections as needed for the carriers that elect to invoice direct.

Contact us at  P (847) 593 - 6444                                     

President Ronald Gadda                                                    

Director Sales/Operations Makoto Sato                         

Customer Service Professional Debbie Albertson         

Accounting Laura Ripley